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Over 30 years of work and experience in tourism, promoting and developing many attractions of the city and the department of Potosi, qualify us as pioneers of tourism in the south of the country.
Our staff principally guides and expert drivers, renowned in the activity, support the high degree of customer satisfaction with which we were know over the last years.
Our focus on quality is also reflected in the widely prepared cars for the region to satisfy the demands, needs and comfort of each and every customer and passenger.
From the Salar de Uyuni, Laguna Colorada and Laguna Verde, the train cemetery, desert’s geysers, fishermen island, the Dali Desert, Stone Tree, Fish Island Incahuasi Island and many more attractions, Uyuni is known for offering the visitor in just one destination a magic that enchants for being so unique and exotic, and that, from Hidalgo Tours we are proud to show to our guests.
Hidalgo Tours also has 3 hotels in the area, which make up the chain "Hoteles Rústicos Jardines". Made with raw materials from the area, to give each a style in harmony with the highland landscape, the hotels provide as well all the comfort to create a nice and friendly ambient.
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